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Doctor Diagnosis


Symptoms caused by chronic prostatitis are examined in four categories.

Painful Symptoms

Voiding Symptoms

Sexual Symptoms

Reproductive Symptoms

Painful Symptoms

Painful symptoms are usually immediately noticeable:

unilateral or bilateral testicular tenderness

feeling of heaviness between the crotch

burning in or at the tip of the penis

Other less common symptoms include:

Discomfort in the unilateral or bilateral groin with a feeling of "tight panties"

suprapubic pain

or hip pain at the base of the lumbosacral spine.

Sometimes there may be an annoying hypersensitivity, pain complaint in one or both legs. All these symptoms can be signs of inflammation of the pudendal nerves.
A burning sensation at the tip of the penis may also occur at the beginning and/or end of urination or during ejaculation.

Urinary Symptoms

The need to urinate at night, the feeling of dripping at the end of the urine and urinating again, the need to urinate frequently can be seen.

Sexual Symptoms

Decreased libido, loss of erection, premature ejaculation can be seen together with psychological erectile dysfunction caused by prostatitis.
Recent studies have shown that in young men with prostatitis, accumulation of inflammatory substances (cytokines) can cause veno-occlusive disease by causing damage to the venous vessels of the erection.
Pain in the crotch after ejaculation can last for a long time. This pain causes a decrease in libido.

Reproductive Symptoms

As we mentioned earlier, the fluid secreted by the prostate is necessary to provide energy and nutrients to the sperm after ejaculation.
If this prostatic fluid becomes inflamed, it can negatively affect sperm motility. In addition, in case of inflammation of the ejaculatory ducts, the sperm count may decrease. With any inflammation of the seminal vesicles, of course, these symptoms become more severe and pronounced.

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